Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Wishlist #4

Everyone wants to walk into a room during the holidays with a great outfit, amazing shoes, and an exquisite handbag. One thing that we forget about as an important addition to any outfit, is fragrance. This season, you can pick up the best scents at the best prices. Look no further than Bloomingdale's for the exclusive Marc Jacobs Lola Fragrance Gift Set-one of the newest fragrances on the market, this scent is characterized by layers and layers of delicate petals with every spray. My personal favorites are Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Miss Dior Cherie by Dior. When you are out shopping for last minute holiday gifts, pass by the beauty counter at Bloomingdale's and pick up something amazing. You don't want forget to add that last accessory to any outfit on your way to holiday gatherings-all it takes is a spritz!
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Poundage

So as we travel home for the holidays and Nana's homemade cookies can't seem to get away from our mouths, we're left wondering what dress will flatter us as we meet up with old friends during the holidays. Thanks to Herve' Le'ger we've found the answer! The Bandage Dress! Not only does it look sexy at any age, it flatters any figure. LOVE. Since the material includes rayon, nylon and spandex the dress doesn't lose its form as you wear it since your body adapts to it. While an original Herve' Le'ger is close to $1000, we've found ours from Victoria's Secret for under $80! Get one in a rich red, midnight blue or classic black with some big, but simple accessories, and you're set to have your cookies and eat them too.

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Holiday Wishlist Item #3

Bows aren't just for decorating presents anymore, Kate Spade is taking them to a whole new level! From ballet flats to jewelry, Kate Spade knows how to add a holiday decorative charm to any outfit you wear this holiday season. This necklace is the perfect accessory to add to a dress that's just been hanging in your closet, a quick update! Or, it is also an amazing piece to center a new outfit around! :) Pre-register for today to create a holiday outfit personalized just for you while adding this amazing trend as well! Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more of our Holiday Wishlist to come!
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spend Your Holidays in Heels

Heels are a girls best friend, especially when it comes to Holiday Parties! Make sure you make an entrance and put your best foot forward in some eye catching high heels. Glitz and glamor or simple and sophisticated, designers across the board are showcasing new trends fit for your wardrobe needs. Kate Spade has taken regular present bows, to heeled stilettos. While Betsey Johnson has never been afraid of adding a little glitter to your step! Check out these beautiful in burgundy heels (they're on the top of my list) on and learn how to create your own holiday heeled looks today!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CovetedGators: Brittany

Meet Brittany-Danielle! This budding fashionista describes her style as boho, 80s lounge wear chic. She frequents vintage shops, H&M, Express- you name it! As she considers herself an eclectic shopper. Her "random loves" include cardigans, printed tights and leggings, thrifting, and raiding her parents closet for one of a kind pieces.
Her advice on the ever changing seasons here in the GatorNation... "Layering is key, re-work summer looks by adding cardigans and tights for a familiar yet fresh take on your wardrobe on a dime."

Her winter must have: "A bold-colorful blazer." As for the spring, BD looks forward to rocking over-sized button downs, patterned scarfs and vests.

The next time you see a girl looking vintage cool- look twice, it just might be BD! Pre-register for today by typing in the exclusive code CLCUF so you can create a closet and gain more wardrobe inspiration from girls like Brittany-Danielle.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CovetedGators: Kasi

Meet Kasi!
As a CovetedGator, Kasi's style can be described as West Coast romantic, with a free-spirited edge. Stores that top her shopping list are Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Anthropology. She loves admiring the designs of Max Azria, Oscar de la Renta, and Zac Posen. Why is she so excited about CovetedList? "I'm excited to utilize for shopping and trend watching!" Currently, her favorite fall trend includes the amazing blazers we are all seeing on the runway. When feeling daring, she may even venture into the shoulder-pad trend. (I know you can pull it off Kasi!)
Fun facts about this CovetedGator:
What's your biggest shopping difficulty? "I'm very meticulous and it takes me forever to shop! I go in knowing exactly what I want and I never seem to come home with it, I settle for something I don't really need just for instant gratification."
Looking forward to wear next season: "I can't wait for the return of earthy tones and free-flowing seventies styles. Billowy spring blouses are always my favorite to shop for."
Go-to piece in wardrobe: "Any belt I own! I belt almost everything I wear, it ads a unique flair to anything."
Major: "Public Relations. Unsure about my future as of now but a career in event planning or PR for a designer would be ideal."
Holiday Wish List Item: "An oversized menswear watch, Michael Kors is high up on my list!"

If you see a belted beauty biking around campus, it's probably your CovetedGator Kasi! Pre-register for today by typing in the exclusive code CLCUF so you can create a closet and gain more wardrobe inspiration from girls like Kasi.