Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Poundage

So as we travel home for the holidays and Nana's homemade cookies can't seem to get away from our mouths, we're left wondering what dress will flatter us as we meet up with old friends during the holidays. Thanks to Herve' Le'ger we've found the answer! The Bandage Dress! Not only does it look sexy at any age, it flatters any figure. LOVE. Since the material includes rayon, nylon and spandex the dress doesn't lose its form as you wear it since your body adapts to it. While an original Herve' Le'ger is close to $1000, we've found ours from Victoria's Secret for under $80! Get one in a rich red, midnight blue or classic black with some big, but simple accessories, and you're set to have your cookies and eat them too.

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