Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Spring Trend: Exposed?

The Spring Collections of many
designers launched not too long ago and there are many interesting trends that hit the runway and may or may not hit our closets. What do you think of this trend?
Designers ranging from Christian Dior to Fendi to Marc Jacobs to Dolce&Gabbana all showcase a different spin on the growing trend of exposed brassieres. Will you wear it? And if so, how?
Some of the designers just threw a blazer and left it open, while others, like the picture to the left, threw a sheer fabric on top. Others just used a hint of lingerie in their pieces. How much is too much? Let us know what you think!
Picture: showing Christian Dior left and Dolce&Gabbana right, look to for the complete slideshow!

1 comment:

  1. As always, fashion trends are good in moderation. An entire bra exposed may be a bit extreme; however, dainty lace details and the new airy fabrics that graced the runways play up lingerie without overexposure.