Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CovetedList embraces the summer!!

Your CovetedList Connoisseurs want you to go out...get tan, travel, get some new fashion inspirations to share with us and utilize CovetedList for your personalized shopping needs and communication with fellow shoppers.

Our Fashion show went FANTASTIC and we want to send a big shout out to all of you who attended and gave us feedback for next year! Keep following us over summer as we will all be traveling or staying in Gainesville to gain new insights for you. Keep an eye out for more Coveted Gators and look forward to the events we have in store for you next year! We're thinking along the lines of a DIY workshop..letting you take home a brand new accessory at the end to add to your wardrobe. Other girls will be drooling! Possibly even a customized fashion show without models, more like a showcase of what store have to offer, but instead of seeing them on models, you can try them on yourself and get tons of girls feedback. It would function just the way CovetedList does online!

Let us know your feedback and suggestions!

Happy summer festivities!

-Your CovetedList Connoisseurs